Why Work From Home?

With so much good co-working and business lounge space available; why work from home?

Many people are like me and struggle to get work done from home. They can’t compete with the kids, who quite rightly always come first as do the pets or the other half. Even if not home themselves, partners want something done in the house, the garden or for errands to be run, for you to fetch this or do that. Little jobs you think you can do, like putting the washing in, that by the time you’ve put it in, taken it out and hung it up, have really eaten into your work day. You have to resist doing these kind of things when working from home to maximise your productivity. Yet that is really hard when you see there is a big pile of washing to be done or letters sitting unposted or a floor that could do with a vacuum. A garden of overgrown grass staring at you through the home office window. 

What’s more, most people don’t have business grade services at home, residential grade Internet often doesn’t cut it. If you’re receiving and sending out large documents you’ve often got to cut it up into little bits and send it, otherwise you can’t send it out. Then there might be difference in the software you have access to at work and at home. When things break, like the printer there’s no one there to quickly fix it. You have to take the time to do it and make sure ink cartridges are replaced and paper is fully stocked.

Then there’s also the issue of what you’re wearing. There is a big difference to being in your t-shirt and shorts sitting at home, compared to the feeling of purpose and drive when in your business attire in an office environment. It doesn’t have to be overly formal attire these days, but it still helps to have work clothes that make you feel professional and are separate from your other clothes.

I was always taught you’ve got to get up, dress up and show up. I think if you see yourself as a businessman or woman then you’ve got to be where the business is, not at home. Otherwise you aren’t going to progress as quickly as you might and will most likely succumb to life's many distractions. If you are any touch of a procrastinator it’s just not worth it! You’ll drive yourself crazy with the tempting distractions of everything interesting, gadgety or fun around the home.

I’m talking from personal experience. I’ve tried working from home but I find it extraordinarily difficult to keep business and life separate. They merge a lot more nowadays. I don’t think I’m at all unusual in that respect. That’s why I think with the work spaces today that are changing and the models, where people are being managed by their outputs, I think that employees are increasingly not fussed about where they work. What is interesting is that many employees or business people think that they can work from home. Then they quickly realise it is hard and they actually can’t be half as productive.  

So working from home is becoming an option for many nowadays or at least not working from an office in one fixed location. A large percentage of our clients do work for corporates and they work remotely, but instead of actually working from home they often get the lounge in their package and they work out of business cowork spaces like ours. There’s going to be a lot more of that coming in the future. Coworking and business lounge space is ideal for those still needing to dress up and show up and can give that vital human connection too. Did I mention the isolation of working from home? The need to interact, not only on a business level but also to break up your day with a little chat and banter that you only get in an office or workspace environment. 

That’s why they’ve gone to so much trouble with the investment in the building at Barangaroo, they want to make people feel really comfortable. Typically they would have worked from home or worked elsewhere, but corporate or they themselves, still prefer them to work in a business setting. The company might be based in Brisbane or Parramatta but a lot of our workers are here for the reason that they don’t want to work from home, it’s not a business environment and often you just can’t get your work done. Richard Branson can but he’s one of the few. You’ve got to be really focused. I just don’t know what inspires you, you’ve got to be almost a unique individual, you know what you want to do and you just get on and do it, but that’s quite unusual. Plus most people need to collaborate, we’re humans. We need that interaction.  Whether it’s to bounce ideas off each other or just use another as a sounding board, or talk to each other for reassurance, support or sometimes advice. These are all valuable things we get from a co work space that are lacking when working from home.

We appreciate our clients’ reasons for needing our workspaces and the benefits of them over working from home. I believe you need to avoid the distractions, show up to a work environment, have great facilities and support on hand and that vital human aspect of interaction. That’s why we make them extremely comfortable areas to work in with plenty of space and those extra touches like Friday drinks that make them a happy and welcome alternative to working from home.

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