July 2015

The importance of having the best on the front desk

They are often the first person a client speaks to. The one who is always on hand to help with enquiries and problems. The face clients and other staff see first when entering the office. No wonder it is necessary to have the absolute best on the front desk. They also face a number of challenges:

  • At least 8 different tasks to handle at once
  • Phones ringing and emails pinging
  • Dealing with different problems daily
  • No two days the same
  • Technology faults to get fixed
  • Building maintenance
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Dealing with different people in a company
  • Keeping everyone happy and satisfied

 So how do we choose the best front desk staff to fulfil all of this in our serviced offices?

Our people:

  • Have a can-do attitude
  • Are attuned to our clients’ needs
  • Can multi-task
  • Think outside the box
  • Prioritise and are able to juggle
  • Get a kick out of the dynamic atmosphere
  • Are friendly and welcoming 

People often think you have to be subservient to be of service. That's not true. To be a good service person, you’re not being subservient. It's all about second guessing what your clients want. Being a step ahead, knowing what they need and going and achieving it for them without even being asked. All our people do that. It's hard to find those sorts of people. But when you do, they are absolute gems.

In addition to this ability to know what people need it is essential to find people with a can-do attitude. You can train someone up to learn the skills and tasks required but without a can-do attitude it is fruitless.

Other things we look for are the abilities to multi task and think outside the box. The kind of people that can come up with efficient and ingenious ways to get tasks done and keep everything ticking over nicely. That's what it's all about. That’s what keeps everyone happy. Maintaining a smooth and efficient running of things. 

Our people understand that it’s a juggling effort and that they have to prioritize. Otherwise they wouldn’t last. But that's part of the fun. This is why we find the sort of people that get a kick out of the challenge of achieving multiple tasks and being in a dynamic atmosphere.

And finally of course everyone wants to see a friendly and welcoming face on the front desk. Someone they can chat to on their way in with their coffee. It’s the people that make our offices comfortable and warm places to work. As far from cold and sterile as can be.  

We look after our people by:

  • Paying them well
  • Building a strong team
  • Giving them flexibility
  • Providing support

We go by the motto look after your staff really well and they will look after you. It’s reciprocal. We’re building a close-knit community of people willing to go that extra mile for their clients. That is why our staff stay with us. We have Mary Jane, for example, who has been with us for three and a half years. Our clients see the same face greeting them day in and day out and feel that sense of belonging. It’s not our office, it’s theirs. They feel comfortable and part of something bigger.

To sum up…

Our main aim is to have a problem-free environment for our clients. We have problems of our own trying to run it, but we don’t pass these along. This is the whole point of a serviced office set up. Our clients can rest assured our front desk staff are running things efficiently whilst dealing with the day-to-day problems so that they can get on with doing what they need to do to run a successful business.