June 2015

How do you get good value serviced office space?


It’s the same with any service. Yes you want the best price. But what about your needs? Does the lowest price ensure you get what you want and all your needs are met?  How can you know until you’ve discussed those needs?


Before a discussion on price can even take place, a good company will first ask you the right questions to understand your needs. Then they can provide you with the best advice on what suits your business and tell you the price at which this can be achieved. That is exactly what we do at UOS. We help you compare on service first and then offer you the best value possible to match your needs.


Have you ever been offered a great low price then been burnt with a stream of ‘add-ons’?  We do everything up front so there are no hidden costs and you know what you’re getting for your money. 


Price is always based on location rather than square footage. Does a house in a rural neighbourhood cost the same as one in the city? Of course not. Office space works in the same way. Location is key and to be in the CBD may mean less square footage for the price but a small space, used well and cleverly laid out, can provide the right environment and all the facilities you’re looking for. Merchant bankers back in the '80s were making a fortune and they often didn’t have a dedicated office. They had a computer and a bit of a desk along with 30 other people in the room. What most businesses need are good services, good support and good backup rather than a lot of space. You can actually take a comparatively small area and run a very successful business from it. This doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped however, and all our serviced offices feel spacious. We offer good value for money for the amount of space you have.


As well as location and space, consider exactly what services you need for support. We can provide all necessary technology in the common areas, as well as meeting rooms and staffed reception desks. This means you just focus on your business without all the distractions of, "The internet is down”, “My receptionist has called in sick, what do I do!” or any of the hundred of other things that go into running an office. We can deal with everything so you don’t have to.


As a run down, here’s our key take-aways to ensuring you’re getting a quality serviced office space:


1. Go beyond a price comparison.

2. Avoid a price that may (and probably will) contain hidden costs.

3. Consider location over square footage.

4. Consider quality serviced and find out what can be provided.